I had 3 properties and sold them all to Curt with Charleston Home Buyers. He made the process as painless as possible! Great people to work with!

– Don G. – Charleston, SC

Charleston Home Buyers Reviews…

Honest, real Charleston Home Buyers reviews from our other sellers can give you some insight as to the type of people we are, the wealth of experience we have, and how we may be able to help you too. It’s very important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out below what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“I am so happy I found them…”

david-l“My experience with Curt was wonderful. He made me feel confident with the transaction, and everything was a smooth process. I am so happy I found them and that I don’t have to deal with the stress of selling my home anymore! “

- I. Green - North Charleston SC

“…unsure of where or who to turn to,…”

david-lAfter finding myself in a difficult situation and unsure of where or who to turn to, Curt, with Charleston Home Buyers, reached out to me. After we went over everything, he explained very clearly what my options were and answered all of my questions. I also had the pleasure of meeting a woman who worked with Curt who was very understanding and knowledgeable and helped tremendously throughout the process. I highly recommend them!”

- Rosemary F. - Charleston (West Ashley) SC

“…helped me get rid of my house in a timely fashion after my divorce.”

david-lCurt was very courteous in assisting with my difficult military schedule and he was very informative. He and his attorney even came in on a Saturday to close since I could only come to Charleston for the weekend! Everything went according to plan and Charleston Home Buyers really helped me get rid of my house in a timely fashion after my divorce. Thank you Curt for all of your help!! “


- Mark R. - Summerville, SC

“…the best decision I have ever made…”

david-lAfter my mother passed away and there was a huge reverse mortgage on her house, I researched thoroughly to find the BEST, friendliest, possible avenue to aquire the funds to deal with my decision to get into my mother’s house (which would be a step up). What “Topped the list” was Charleston Home Buyers. Curt was my contact. Extremely knowledgeable and eager to assist me. We discussed all aspects of the possible transaction and quickly came up with an agreeable deal that went all the way to the closing of my house, swiftly and successfully with all parties involved extremely happy with the outcome. At the closing, it felt like a family meeting . . . including the attorney!! Even months after the fact, Curt is still there for me when I call for anything. It has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. 8 months since the closing and we still keep in contact 🙂

- Homer (Mark) T. - North Charleston, SC

….I got my check in a week!…..

Charleston Home Buyers Seller Testimonial - Colleton


- Joseph M. - Walterboro, SC

“…made me feel at ease…..”


I have felt very comfortable working with Curt.  Feeling he had my interest in heart.  He was very prompt with all aspects of the sale and made me feel at ease answering all my concerns. “


- Bill S. - N. Charleston, SC

“…very professional…”

david-lMy experience with Charleston Home Buyers was outstanding.  They were very professional and helped me close on my house in just a few days!  Thank you!

- David L. - Mt. Pleasant, SC

“…not only super fast, it was easy.”

I sold my home to Charleston Home Buyers at the end of January.  The process was not only super fast, it was easy.  They made me feel completely comfortable, answered any and all my questions, helped me figure out the best option for my situation and gave me time to get moved. I was very pleased with the process and my decision to sell my home to Charleston Home Buyers but the best part was after the closing when I came of need financially.  I called brook-gon them and they not only answered, they helped me get what I needed in record time and made it smooth. I can’t say anything else except, THANK YOU CHARLESTON HOME BUYERS; your people have come through for my family every time I have needed to call on you and for that I can’t say enough. I would recommend this company to anyone at any time.  They really work hard to get things handled so everyone involved is happy!

- Brook G. - Summerville, SC

“…burden of my shoulders.”

Charleston Home Buyers have been very easy to work with and have been very helpful in the process of selling my house and the purchase of my new home.
They are friendly folks who did what they promised.  I am very thankful.everett-a

Thank you so much for taking this burden of my shoulders.

- Everett A. - North Charleston, SC

“I was in a lot of trouble…”

I met Curt at the time when I was in a lot of trouble with the bank that had loaned me the money to purchase my home.  My house was very close to foreclosure krissy-lwhen Curt offered me an easy way out.  He was very patient as the other person on my mortgage kept pushing the closing back to later dates.  When the final date came for the closing, Curt really surprised me with his kindness.  My son was in the Neonatal ICU on the date of the closing and I couldn’t leave the hospital knowing that my newborn baby was sick and needed his mother.  Curt brought all of the paperwork and the closing attorney to the hospital and we completed the closing in a breastfeeding room of all places!   A few hours later, Curt even came back to the hospital to bring me my check. I am very happy with my decision to trust Curt with Charleston Home Buyers!

- Krissy L. - Charleston, SC