What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“…helped me get rid of my house in a timely fashion after my divorce.”

david-lCurt was very courteous in assisting with my difficult military schedule and he was very informative. He and his attorney even came in on a Saturday to close since I could only come to Charleston for the weekend! Everything went according to plan and Charleston Home Buyers really helped me get rid of my house in a timely fashion after my divorce. Thank you Curt for all of your help!! “


Mark R. - Summerville, SC

“…the best decision I have ever made…”

david-lAfter my mother passed away and there was a huge reverse mortgage on her house, I researched thoroughly to find the BEST, friendliest, possible avenue to aquire the funds to deal with my decision to get into my mother’s house (which would be a step up). What “Topped the list” was Charleston Home Buyers. Curt was my contact. Extremely knowledgeable and eager to assist me. We discussed all aspects of the possible transaction and quickly came up with an agreeable deal that went all the way to the closing of my house, swiftly and successfully with all parties involved extremely happy with the outcome. At the closing, it felt like a family meeting . . . including the attorney!! Even months after the fact, Curt is still there for me when I call for anything. It has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. 8 months since the closing and we still keep in contact 🙂

Homer (Mark) T. - North Charleston, SC

….I got my check in a week!…..


Joseph M. - Walterboro, SC

“…made me feel at ease…..”


I have felt very comfortable working with Curt.  Feeling he had my interest in heart.  He was very prompt with all aspects of the sale and made me feel at ease answering all my concerns. “


Bill S. - N. Charleston, SC

“…very professional…”

david-lMy experience with Charleston Home Buyers was outstanding.  They were very professional and helped me close on my house in just a few days!  Thank you!

David L. - Mt. Pleasant, SC

“…not only super fast, it was easy.”

I sold my home to Charleston Home Buyers at the end of January.  The process was not only super fast, it was easy.  They made me feel completely comfortable, answered any and all my questions, helped me figure out the best option for my situation and gave me time to get moved. I was very pleased with the process and my decision to sell my home to Charleston Home Buyers but the best part was after the closing when I came of need financially.  I called brook-gon them and they not only answered, they helped me get what I needed in record time and made it smooth. I can’t say anything else except, THANK YOU CHARLESTON HOME BUYERS; your people have come through for my family every time I have needed to call on you and for that I can’t say enough. I would recommend this company to anyone at any time.  They really work hard to get things handled so everyone involved is happy!

Brook G. - Summerville, SC

“…burden of my shoulders.”

Charleston Home Buyers have been very easy to work with and have been very helpful in the process of selling my house and the purchase of my new home.
They are friendly folks who did what they promised.  I am very thankful.everett-a

Thank you so much for taking this burden of my shoulders.

Everett A. - North Charleston, SC

“I was in a lot of trouble…”

I met Curt at the time when I was in a lot of trouble with the bank that had loaned me the money to purchase my home.  My house was very close to foreclosure krissy-lwhen Curt offered me an easy way out.  He was very patient as the other person on my mortgage kept pushing the closing back to later dates.  When the final date came for the closing, Curt really surprised me with his kindness.  My son was in the Neonatal ICU on the date of the closing and I couldn’t leave the hospital knowing that my newborn baby was sick and needed his mother.  Curt brought all of the paperwork and the closing attorney to the hospital and we completed the closing in a breastfeeding room of all places!   A few hours later, Curt even came back to the hospital to bring me my check. I am very happy with my decision to trust Curt with Charleston Home Buyers!

Krissy L. - Charleston, SC

“My thanks and gratitude…”

Selling a house can be quite difficult and stressful unless you can find someone like Curt that will walk you through all of the difficulties.  Working with him made selling my house a whole lot easier and reduced my anxieties.  I am glad that I found Curt and his associates.  They saved me from losing my house to foreclosure and I was able to make some money and not lose everything.brian-h

My thanks and gratitude goes to Curt and the team of Charleston Home Buyers.

Brian H. - Charleston, SC

“We will always be grateful!”

Dear Charleston Home Buyers,
Peace of mind was the holiday gift we received from Charleston Home Buyers. Facing foreclosure is a nightmare, but the folks from Charleston Home Buyers were the answer to ourkathie-jerry-t prayers and treated us with kindness and dignity from day one!

Kathie & Jerry T. - North Charleston, SC

“…when my friend told me…”

I had been trying unsuccessfully to sell my house for 9 months with a realtor so I could move closer to my daughter, when my friend told me about Charleston Home Buyers.  I was tired of having to have the house always perfect and wanted to be done with this selling stuff so I could go now.  So, I said what the heck and went ahead and filled some form on frank-ltheir website.  A nice young man called me back the same day to set up a time to come look at my house.  I was a bit skeptical, but at the same time excited since I had not even had a showing in the last month.  He sent me some information about how they buy houses which helped me to feel better about the idea of selling my house to a company….I had never heard of this.  He came out looked at the house in about 15 minutes and presented me an offer on the spot and said he could close next week!  I thought he was joking.  I agreed, he put it writing with an earnest money check then and there and we actually closed the following week like he promised.  This company has been wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their house now and doesn’t like the hassle and headaches of listing their house and wondering if these picky buyers are ever going to make an offer.

Frank L. P. N. - Charleston, SC

“…helping our family.”

My Mother and I wanted to thank Charleston Home Buyers for helping our family. Our experience began on May 24th of this year when my sister’s home was only a few days from the foreclosure auction block, and  Charleston Home Buyers called my mother to inquire about the house.  I called Curt, who greeted me and had a genuine concern about my reverend-l-greenefamily.  We met at my sister’s old home and he immediately understood my trouble.  In less than a week’s time, all of my headaches were now over.  There were others that conveyed that they could help us, but came up very short in the long run.  Only Charleston Home Buyers was successful and made it happen!  They helped to get my sister out of debt.  I would recommend anyone in foreclosure or who needs to sell their house to this group of caring people.  My family has no regrets in the assistance we received.  I would strongly recommend them to sell or purchase your next house.

Reverend L. Greene - Charleston (West Ashley), SC

“…love, care, and compassion…”

God sent my husband and me two angels.  We both appreciate the love, care, and compassion that these guys had for us.  We can honestly say that when they told us what they rick-holly-rwould do for us, they followed through and did what they said!  We had been lied to a few weeks before by another company.  Charleston Home Buyers are honest and that was the most important thing for us.  They are a wonderful and we are grateful for them.  They made it possible and stopped the foreclosure; and they helped us buy another home, even though we had bad credit.

God Bless them both

Rick & Holly R. - Charleston (West Ashley), SC

“Hats off for an outstanding job.”

My experience with Charleston Home Buyers began and ended with extreme kindness, genuine concern, and sympathetic professionalism.  From my first conversation with Sabina brenda-mto the pleasant hug when we signed the papers, I experienced a desire from her to help us do whatever it took to get us situated. Charleston Home Buyers helped us close in a very short time (3 days) and even assisted in helping us find another house.  I would recommend anyone needed to sell their house to them.  I have no regrets. 

Brenda M. - Charleston (West Ashley), SC

“…very satisfied…”

I was very pleased with the way Charleston Home Buyers presented their proposals to me. I was also very satisfied with the final terms of the contract and look forward to a good dorothy-bbusiness relationship for the term of this contract.

Thank you.

Dorothy B. - North Charleston, SC

“Thanks for all your help!”

michael-mCharleston Home Buyers, Thanks for all your help! From the first minute I was greeted on the phone I felt very comfortable and immediately understood; a few hours later they came over, listened to my problems and offered a solution on the spot that just fit my needs perfectly. I am through with my divorce now and ready to start a new life once again.

Thanks so much for your great help and God bless you and your business.

Michael M. - Charleston, SC

“…very desperate situation…”

Due to my circumstances and very desperate situation, I found Charleston Home Buyers very understanding, patient and helpful. They did everything in a time permitting way and victor-jmade a very painful situation much smoother than expected. I thank them for their help and I am happy that I chose them out of so many others.

Victor J. - North Charleston, SC

“…what a pleasure it was…”

I would like to start saying what a pleasure it was meeting the folks from Charleston Home Buyers. It was such a relief to see that there are still sincere, caring, and honest people when you need them.

randy-eIn 2003, I lost a job that paid me very well. After that, I went for six months just trying to find work in my field. Needless to say, the daily and monthly expenses continued, and trying to work out a plan with my lenders was fruitless. Facing bankruptcy and foreclosure, it seemed as if nothing was going right. Being a single father with two children and accustomed to a certain life style, things just seemed so uncertain.

Then I met Charleston Home Buyers, who offered to purchase my home and stop the foreclosure. With very little of my time needed, they purchased my home and paid off the mortgage. They have also offered to assist me in buying another home.

I would strongly recommend them in the sale or purchase of your next home.

Again, thank you and God Bless.

Randy E. - Charleston (West Ashley), SC

“…best decision we made.”

Our decision to sell our home was an emotional one. However, selling our home to Charleston Home Buyers was the best decision we made. They handled our affairs with the daniels-familyutmost care and efficiency. They even assisted us in finding another place to reside in an area of our choice.

The Daniels Family - Charleston (West Ashley), SC

“They are good, honest people…”

I would like to give my personal thanks to Charleston Home Buyers for all their help. They are good, honest people and went beyond the call of duty to help me sell my property in West Ashley!

My husband passed a long time ago without a Will and without going through probate. I have been struggling to pay the taxes every year on a lot I have no use for in Charleston and when they offered to buy it, I was very relieved.

I didn’t realize that probate was such a big deal and that it would be so difficult to actually sell this thorn in my side. Charleston Home Buyers offered me a fair price and even when they ran into problems, they didn’t give up. I have been living in New York for several years now and wouldn’t be able to come all the way to Charleston to try to straighten out this mess. Charleston Home Buyers took care of everything. They had to get guidance from several attorneys in Charleston and New York and do a lot of research at the county court house on their own time, but they kept their promise and after a few months, thanks to their effort, I received the check and didn’t even have to come to Charleston. Without their dedication, I never would have been able to sell that lot. The extra money has been a God Send and not having to worry about how I will pay the taxes year after year has given me the peace of mind that I really needed.

It has been a very pleasurable experience selling my property to Charleston Home Buyers! I would highly recommend them to anyone considering selling their home. They took care of everything and made it very easy for me. And the always took the time to explain to my son and me everything that was happening and what we should expect. I felt very at ease that they were handling all the problems for me. They are a very sweet young couple and I was very blessed to have found them. I wish them all the best in the future!

Lena J. - New York, NY

“You are lovely and blessed people.”

I thank God for both of you. In the process of going through, I lost my job. I was unable to pay for my home. In the midst of it, God sent Charleston Home Buyers to help me by purchasing my home.

God has sent two special people in my pathway. We all know that trials & tribulations come to make us stronger. Now I am in a new beginning and chapter in my life. Thank you cheryl-ragain Charleston Home Buyers. You are lovely and blessed people. May God continue to bless you.

Cheryl R. - Charleston, SC

“They worked hard for us…”

arlene-kennethWe want to thank Charleston Home Buyers for helping our family.  They worked hard for us, trying to negotiate with mortgage companies and several lien holders.  When they began the process we owed more than the house was worth.  But they were successful and made it happen, our house did Not go to foreclosure.  They also helped us to get out of debt.

Arlene R. & Kenneth G. - Charleston, SC

“I am very happy with the whole deal!”

I owed more on my house than it was worth and could not afford the payments anymore. I was at a loss and did not know what to do when I saw a sign about someone who buys houses. I called them and told them about my problem and they told me they could negotiate with my lender to accept less than I owed to satisfy my debt. I was worried if I wastony-n doing the wrong thing by going for a short sale but in the end they worked everything out for me. I am very happy with the whole deal! Thank you Charleston Home Buyers for your help!

Tony N. - Summerville, SC

“I had made the right choice.”

shirly-sIt has truly been an experience with Charleston Home Buyers. I made the initial contact and things started happening. I hadn’t felt such relief in years. Throughout the process, I was supported, informed and made to feel validated; that for me, I had made the right choice. I am forever grateful for you!

Shirly S. - Summerville, SC

“Thank you for all you did to help us out.”

We contacted Charleston Home Buyers after seeing their ad on the internet.  We had inherited a home in West Ashley, and had borrowed against it to pay some medical bills.  We had family members living in the home for a while who were going to buy it.  Unfortunately, that did not happen and the house fell into disrepair.  There was no way we could afford marilyn-and-larry-sto fix all the things needed to bring this home up to market standards and still pay the huge mortgage.  That is when Curt of Charleston Home Buyers made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.  Within a few weeks, we were closing on the house, saving our credit rating and out from under the enormous pressure we were facing.  Curt, you’re a great guy!  Thank you for all you did to help us out.

Marilyn & Larry S. - Charleston (West Ashley), SC

“…you saved us from foreclosure!”

pamela-bThe experience was painless!  Charleston Home Buyers is a great company-everything they said they would do they did!
Thanks Charleston Home Buyers, you saved us from foreclosure!

Pamela B. - Ladson, SC

“Charleston Home Buyers was great!”

My experience with Charleston Home Buyers was great!  Curt was very helpful and made everything very easy.  I would recommend Charleston Home Buyers very highly! michael-b Thanks Curt.

Michael B. - North Charleston, SC

“We had a good experience…”

carolyn-dWe had a good experience working with Mr. Johnson. He showed good quality and honesty and he tried to do things in a timely manner. Me and my husband are pleased with him and his company.

Carolyn D. - North Charleston, SC

“…breathing a sigh of relief!”

Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude for making the sale of my aging parents rental property so painless!  For years, my parents owned a rental home in Summerville.  nancy-lNow in their 80’s, it was time to sell as they were no longer able to keep up with the demands of repairs, and wear and tear from abusive tenants.  I reached out to Charleston Home Buyers, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Curt and his staff made this potential nightmare a dream come true.  The house was literally falling down around itself and needed so many upgrades and repairs, I really had no idea what we were going to do.  My parents didn’t have the finances to hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs in order to make the house marketable.  Charleston Home Buyers, LLC, bought the house as-is and with the proceeds from the sale, my parents are now debt free, and my sisters and I are breathing a sigh of relief!  For anyone reading this with a similar situation to ours, contact Charleston Home Buyers, LLC.  Curt was so helpful and above all, honest.  Thanks Curt!

Nancy L. - Summerville, SC

“…my peace of mind.”

lynn-gThe home in which my ex-husband abandoned, which was unfortunately still in both our names, was nearing foreclosure.  I needed a way to keep the house from foreclosing and of course save my credit from declining drastically.  After Charleston Home Buyers and I closed on the house, the loan was made current, and the payments were made for me on time for 2 years, resulting in my credit improving and most of all, my peace of mind.  This week I was thrilled to learn the house had been sold, so I am no longer ultimately responsible for the loan and can go on with my life and subsequently refinance the home I am presently living in.  I will highly recommend your company to any friends and family who can benefit from your services. 

Lynn G - Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I would give them an A+”

Charleston Home Buyers is a great business if your about to lose your home. They were so nice to me, we had to do all the papers long distance and on the phone. They always linda-bassured me every thing was going to be just fine. If you know someone about to lose their home, please give Charleston Home buyers a call. I would give them an A+ for every thing they have done for me. Great Job!

Linda B. - North Charleston, SC

“… I am happy that I chose them out of so many others…”

sm-front-starlettDue to my circumstances and very desperate situation, I found Charleston Home Buyers very understanding, patient and helpful. They did everything in a time permitting way and made a very painful situation much smoother than expected. I thank them for their help and I am happy that I chose them out of so many others.

Victor J. - North Charleston, SC

“I was trying to sell my home and wasn’t having any luck… then I found Charleston Home Buyers…”

sm-eastoverI was at a place in my life where I really needed help.  I was trying to sell my home and I wasn’t having any luck.  After I contacted Charleston Home Buyers, things began to change.  They were able to help me figure out all of my paperwork and were able to buy my home.  They were extremely helpful and made the situation easy.  Thanks to Charleston Home Buyers, my situation had a happy ending.

Natashia G. - Summerville, SC